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What is the Hamilton Pilot Training System (HPTS) and who is it for?

For sport pilot students learning to fly weight-shift control (trike) light-sport aircraft (LSA).

The HAMILTON PILOT TRAINING SYSTEM is a comprehensive “learn to fly safely”…not just a “get through the FAA tests” program.



  • Includes DVDs to educate and entertain you and training materials that help you efficiently and effectively learn how to fly a LSA weight-shift control trike.

    Includes materials help you efficiently prepare to pass your FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge (written) and Practical (oral) exams.

The HAMILTON PILOT TRAINING SYSTEM, is a flight and ground training system you can use as a self directed ground school, and what your CFI or CFIS will use to teach you to fly light sport trikes. This can be used to obtain a sport or private pilot license (or certificate as the FAA terms it). It can be used initially as a home study course and/or used with a flight instructor from the start. It is designed to be used before you see an instructor and also to be used by an instructor during the ground and flight training.

This system was developed by the Sport Pilot industry leader, Paul Hamilton, CFI (FAA Certified Flight Instructor) and DPE (FAA Designated Pilot Examiner) to perform checkrides for sport pilots as a SPE (Sport Pilot Examiner), as a SPIE (Sport Pilot Instructor Examiner) and a PE (Private Pilot Examiner).

Different from other courses, it is a comprehensive program that covers all three types of ground school:

  • Knowledge test prep for the written exam (now computerized)
  • Aeronautical flight knowledge to become a safe pilot (flight knowledge)
  • Checkride preparation to pass the FAA Practical test the first time

A balance of safety, confidence, enthusiasm, and passion for flight

The training system uses a building block approach in becoming a safe and confident pilot, while balancing the enthusiasm and passion for flight.

The self-guided home study course helps you prepare before you see an instructor so you progress quicker and more efficiently. A step-by-step process to learn all of the necessary tasks, aeronautical knowledge, and pilot skills. The kit ensures that FAA regulatory requirements are met. Ace your knowledge exam. Impress the examiner during your checkride with your thorough command of the information and confident piloting skills. This is the perfect solution for you whether you are a sport pilot applicant taking flight training courses at a smaller flight school or through a freelance instructor. The system is used by the top schools and instructors.

The Hamilton Pilot Training System details

The training system is a step-by-step standardized process that includes specific lesson plans for the sport pilot, private pilot and sport pilot certified flight instructor applicant.


  • Stage 1 – First Flights – Learn to Fly
  • Stage 2 – Flight Maneuvers and Aeronautical Knowledge – To Solo
  • Stage 3 – Student Pilot – Regulations – To Cross Country
  • Stage 4 – Sport Pilot FAA Test Preparation for Knowledge and Practical Test
  • Stage 5 – Sport Pilot Additional Endorsements


(Applicent can go directly for private pilot certification, if desired)

  • Night flight training
  • Control tower operations in Class B, C and D airspace (if not obtained as sport pilot)


  • Stage 1 – Basics of Flight Training
  • Stage 2 – Student and Instructor Learning Behavior and Communication
  • Stage 3 – Instructor Responsibilities
  • Stage 4 – Sport Pilot CFI FAA Test Preparation for both Knowledge tests ( Fundamentals of Instruction and Flight Instructor for Category) and Practical Test/checkride (with both Oral and Flight Tests)

Training kits

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Test prep kits

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