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Wherever you are in your trike flight training, we’ll take you step-by-step through every phase to make it easier for you to learn to fly a weight-shift control trike LSA. In this section— you will find lots of flight training resources, state-of-the-art sport pilot training programs, tips on flying lessons, information on FAA flight tests, and more…an invaluable complement to your flight instructor.

See the following sections for information on the Hamilton Pilot Training System, where you can find sport pilot materials and locate FAA handbooks and manuals.

For information on the FAA Prep test, FAA Knowledge Exam, Trike Knowledge Exam FAQ and where to find an FAA Test Center, just follow these helpful links.

For Practical Test Standards and Practical Test Checkride information, follow these links.

Also find, in the following sections, information on finding a DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner) and Sport Pilot/ Trike Weight-Shift Control LSA Rules.

Do not miss this important discussion regarding private pilot training and the difference between Sport Pilot and Private Pilot designations.

For some of the “fun stuff” you will want to read this section detailing some of the great gear and gadgets that can add to your flying enjoyment.

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