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Many perspective pilots feel that flight training is simply too time consuming and too expensive. Sport pilot trike weight-shift control (WSC) light sport aircraft (LSA) solves this time/money issue by creating a basic, entry level pilot certificate that is paired down to train people for only the things they use as a trike pilot without jeopardizing safety. The result is a trike weight-shift control sport pilot certificate that is half the time commitment and half the cost of a private pilot certificate.

If you are a current CFI, you now have the opportunity to expand your operations by instructing sport pilot candidates in any weight-shift control aircraft you are currently rated.

If you are a current trike weight-shift control CFI who wishes to instruct in a category you’re not currently rated, such as fixed-wing airplane or PPC, you must add the new category privilege at the sport pilot instructor level by the completion of a proficiency check conducted in accordance with FAR 61.419.

For more information on existing (Subpart H) CFIs instructing sport pilots, CFI Operating as a Sport Pilot Instructor.

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