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The Sport Pilot designation solves the time/money issue by creating a basic, entry level pilot certificate with training for only the things a pilot needs to become safe and proficient flying a trike weight-shift control light sport aircraft (LSA) with half the time commitment and half the cost of a private pilot certificate.

Are you wondering how to choose the right sport pilot certified flight instructor (CFIS) or are looking for a trike flight school? Are you an ultralight trike instructor, want to become a CFIS, or are already a CFI and want to instruct in a trike weight-shift control LSA? Do you want to become a pilot examiner? Are you a flight instructor in need of a student pilot training system for trikes? Looking for tools to use while instructing your student pilots? Click on the links below.

Hamilton Pilot Training System

CFI Operating as a Sport Pilot Instructor

Ultralight Flight Instructors

Tools for CFIs

Benefits of Sport Pilot for CFIs

CFI Guide to Sport Pilot and WSC Light-Sport Aircraft

Certificate Renewal

Hamilton Pilot Training for CFIs

Publications, Forms, Endorsements

Become a Sport Pilot Examiner

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