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Find a trike weight-shift control light sport aircraft (LSA) flight school in your area and select the trike sport pilot training program that best suit your needs.

The introductory, demo, or discovery flight is the most important flight you’ll take. Before you settle on a school and flight instructor, read Find a Flight Instructor for great tips and questions to use in evaluating instructors. Keep taking introductory, demo, discovery flights with various instructors and schools until the answers to all of these questions are answered to your satisfaction.

Student pilots Use the Sport Pilot Locator to find flight schools near you for your first flight.

Flight instructors: Do you want more students to attend your sport trike school? We receive emails and calls everyday from people all over the world looking for a school. Prospective trike students visit us each month. Use the Sport Pilot Locator Sign-Up Form so they can find you and your school!

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