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If becoming a sport pilot, and learning more about light sport aviation and flying trike weight-shift control light sport aircraft (LSA) is something you’ve always dreamed of, you can start today.

Browse this section to learn more about the trike you’ll fly, pilot gear and gadgets, and frequently asked questions on learning to fly trikes. See what it really takes for flight training and ground school and get flight instruction study strategies and tips, as well as, FAA test preparation. Come on, what are you waiting for? It’s as easy as it is fun.

To get you on your way quickly, the following pages will give you important information on transitioning from airplanes to trikes, if you happen to already have a pilot’s license as many do who take on this particular adventure in flying.

More details on making a great start in trike flying can be found just a click away in the following pages:

Getting Started learning to fly a trike.

Getting a Sport Pilot license.

How Long Will It Take?

How Much Does It Cost?

Is It Safe?

Find a Flight Instructor.

Find a Flight School.

Take Your First Flight In a Trike.


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