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Images featuring sport pilots flying weight-shift control trike light-sport aircraft – from beginners learning to fly on to experts and their thrilling adventures.

Starting Triking

Trike take off from runway
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This program is a great introduction to learning to flying a weight-shift trike, or sometimes called a powered hang glider.

Learn to Fly a Trike

Be a Pilot, Learn to Fly a Trike

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This program shows you what it is like to go through flight training for a trike.

The Trike Odyssey

Trike Odyssey, Top to Bottom
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Accompany four ultralight weight-shift control light-sport trike pilots flying for six days covering 1400 air miles.

Monumental Triking

Monumental Triking and Flying Lake Powell
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Double Feature. Scenic and breathtaking aerial adventures. Experience the most unique views of Monument Valley and Lake Powell from the air.

Weather to Fly

Weather to Fly
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Learn about the most important factor of flying a trike – Weather for Sport Pilots.

Tahoe by Air

Lake Tahoe by Air

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Enjoy this powerful portrait that reveals Lake Tahoe’s blessings of nature in a way unlike any other – from a trike!

Rotax 912 Intro

Rotax 912 Introduction
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Get tips and techniques for trouble-free operation of a new Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) with a ROTAX 912 engine.

Set Up & Take Down

Set Up and Take Down a Trike Wing
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Learn how to easily and quickly set up and take down the wing of a weight-shift trike.

Preflight a Trike

How to Preflight a Trike
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Instructor John Beaman takes you through a simple step-by-step process of preflight for ultralight weigh-shift trikes that is easy to follow.

Trike Flying Tahoe

Hang Gliding Tahoe
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Flying a trike around the Lake Tahoe area.

Trike Flying Napa-Sonoma

Powered Hang Gliding in Napa and Sonoma
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Flying the trike around the Napa and Sonoma valleys.

Trike Flying Hawaii

Powered Hang Gliding in Hawaii
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Flying the trike around Hawaii.

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