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Dream. Find Adventure. Discover.

Whether you are looking to fulfill a lifelong dream or find freedom and adventure, discover what a rewarding experience flying a weight-shift control trike light sport aircraft (LSA) can be! Nothing compares to the heart-pounding…life-altering…soul-afirming exhilaration of flying a sport trike!

Become a member of an exclusive and wonderful family called “trike pilots”

Experience the thrill of breaking the bonds of the earth and navigating above the towns and fields to see your world in a way that few experience, and can only be understood by those who have done it.

What will I fly?” may be one of your first questions. We can answer that for you in the following sections.

For the answers to many other frequently asked questions, simply click here.

You can find some beautiful images of this rewarding sport at this page.

For great video footage of trike flying adventure, look here.

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