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Weight Shift Control Trike Pilot Hub

Weight Shift Control Trike Pilot Hub is dedicated to helping people learn to fly by providing information to sport pilots, private pilots, certified flight instructors, and owners flying Trikes.

Dream of Flying?

Whether looking to fulfill a lifelong dream or find freedom and adventure, flying a trike can be a rewarding experience! Learn about the type of craft you may fly. Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding Sport Pilot Weight Shift Control Trikes and Light Sport Aircraft. See images and video of these exciting craft.

Ready to Start?

Flying a trike is more fun, convenient and affordable than you ever dreamed it to be. Fly a weight-shift control light-sport aircraft with as little as 20 hours of instruction, depending on your current experience level. We discuss cost, safety, instruction and more right here.

Flight Training?

Find lots of trike flight training resources, state-of-the-art sport pilot training programs, and more…an invaluable complement to your flight instructor. A comprehensive discussion of FFA testing, materials, handbooks and manuals, rules and standards will be helpful and necessary as you move forward.


Check out the aircraft you will fly. Not sure which type of light-sport trike you want to fly? We’ll provide the information you need to decide. Compare the varying categories of craft, explore the facets and facts regarding purchasing and ownership of these fun and exciting vehicles; up to and including financing, insuring and maintaining them!

Already a Trike Pilot?

Check out our Trike pilot communities. Find fellow Trike LSA pilots, flight instructors, flight schools, aircraft sales, flying image and video galleries and more. Tools and resources for pilots at every stage of experience can be found in this very important section. From flight planning, authorities, groups and even publications tailored to your chosen sport of flying – we’ve got ya covered here!

Trike Pilot Locator

PPC LSA Pilot Locator

Locate fellow Trike pilots, flying clubs, flight instructors, flight training schools, PPC sales facilities, inspection and maintenance facilities.

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